KADEMATIC provides for the necessary safety

Kadematic Life jackets

Life jackets for water sports and recreation

offer maximum security for relaxed sailing and boating as well as athletic regatta crews

Life jackets for professional use and work place safety

are technologically sophisticated, meet the current CE-standards and function reliably. KADEMATIC life jackets are safe and comfortable to wear.

Life jackets for fire brigades

are custom made to fit the individual needs of a firefighting unit. Defining features are resilience against chemicals, fire and heat.

Our company is audited and certified according to attachment VIII (Module D) of the regulation (EU) 2016/425
KADEMATIC products are available in specialised stores.

KADEMATIC is a member of the Marine Rescue Equipment Association (FSR).

Always up to date

Spare parts & retrofits

(Deliveries are only made to specialized stores/selected stores)

3-Point-Lifeline KADEMATIC L3K
3-Point-Lifeline KADEMATIC L3K

The 3-Point-Lifeline made out of webbing with three carabiners is approved according to DIN EN 14201 for persons weighing 25kg or more. KADEMATIC crotch strap/belt. There are two different crotch belts/straps available. The crotch belt/strap “Standard” can be retrofitted by the user on all life jackets without back part/section. The crotch belt/strap “Professional” can be retrofitted on all life jackets (only in the factory). For the new NOVA models the crotch belt/strap can be retrofitted by the user.

KADEMATIC spare part kit
KADEMATIC spare part kit

Spare part kits with oxygen cylinders that come in different sizes, as well as a blister pack of replacement pills.

KADEMATIC life jacket lights
KADEMATIC life jacket lights

The life jacket light is a flashing light activates upon coming into contact with water. It is powered by a lithium battery. The light is approved by SOLAS and can be switched on and off. The service life is five years. It can be used for all KADEMATIC life jackets.

KADEMATIC Automatic lock

The automatic function of the NAUTOMATIC 3002 S can be deactivated using the Automatic lock. An indicator flag on the outside of the life jacket shows whether it is activated or not.

KADEMATIC sprayhood

The KADEMATIC sprayhood is designed to protect the head from hypothermia and from flooding. The sprayhood is attached to the buoyancy body and folded into the neck area or the side of the protective cover. Renowned experts of hypothermia from the department of maritime medicine at the Bernhard-Nocht Institute were involved in the development of the KADEMATIC sprayhood. The sprayhood cannot be retrofitted for all life jackets.

Retrofitting is only possible at the factory 


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