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Functioning & maintenance

Function of a fully automatic KADEMATIC life jacket

Three green indicators show that
A: the spring is cocked,
B: an automatic trigger tablet is in position, and
C: A CO2 cylinder is screwed in.

This means the life jacket is fully operational.

For decades, the NAUTOMATIC 3002 S automatic trigger units have proven themselves time and time again. If a person wearing the life jacket falls into the water a cellulose tablet disintegrates. This opens the way for the piercing pin, which is then driven into a carbon dioxide cartridge by a tight spring. The gas is released and fills the buoyancy chamber which pushes the person’s head above the water’s surface. The whole process happens in the brief time span outlined by international standards. The process can also be activated by the manual trigger. The operational manual explains how to make the life jacket operational again afterwards.


KADEMATIC life jackets have to be serviced every two years. This can only be done by KADEMATIC or an authorized service station, since only they have completed the necessary training and can supply the original replacement parts. A shorter servicing interval may be required in the case of extreme strain on the life jacket or unauthorised use. Serviced life jackets are given an inspection badge on which the month and year of the next required service is specified.

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