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Functioning & maintenance

How does an automatic KADEMATIC life jacket work?

For centuries the inflation device NAUTOMATIC 3002 S has proven its functionality and reliability again and again: If someone plummets into the water wearing one of our life jackets a cellulose pill dissolves. This makes way for a spike which is pushed into the carbon dioxide cartridge by a spring. The gas flows from the cartridge and fills the buoyancy body which lifts the head above the water.

After the use of the life jacket in the water it can be made operational again using the spare part kit and following the instruction manual. A spare part kit that fits your KADEMATIC life jacket should always be available on board. The operational readiness of the inflation device can be verified through three indicators (A, B, C) visible on the life jacket.

KADEMATIC Spare Part Kits are available in specialized stores.

The maintenance of your KADEMATIC life jacket

Generally KADEMATIC life jackets have to be maintained every two years. This should exclusively be done at KADEMATIC or at an authorized maintenance station. In case of extreme strain or incorrect use of the life jacket the maintenance intervals may have to be shortened.

SOLAS life jackets have to be maintained according to SOLAS regulations. Other national and international regulations may require different intervals.

Maintained life jackets receive a test badge with the month and year of the next maintenance on it.

Faltanleitung: 275 A, 275 A-HD, 275 ALR, 275 AF 1, 275 ALTERNA

Faltanleitung: 275 SC

Faltanleitung: SOLAS 275 AH Rettungsweste.

Faltanleitung: 275 AL F Rettungsweste.

Faltanleitung: 275 AF 3 Rettungsweste.

Faltanleitung: 275 A F4 und 275 AHR BG

Faltanleitung: 15 BG-SV, 15 BG-HD

Faltanleitung JUNIOR SC

Faltanleitung: 150 SC

Folding Instruction SOLAS 275 AH

Kadematic 275 F